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What bike should i rent?

What kind of riding would you like to do or you normally do? Our rental fleet consists of different models of bicycles sorted in 7 groups: Kids bikes - bikes for young ones(16" - 24" wheel sizes). Hardtail MTB - comfortable all-arounder ideal for road and light offroad with lots of gears. Road/Gravel bike - racing road bike or a versatile gravel bike for exploration on paved roads. Full suspension MTB - recommended for various off-road riding. City/Touring E-bike - comfortable city bike with electric motor assistance(pedelec). Hardtail E-bike - great all-arounder with an electric motor assitance(pedelec). Full suspension E-bike - for various off-road riding with electric motor assistance(pedelec). You can find more info about each group or variant of bicycle if you click on it!

What is the right size bike for me?

How do i rent a bicycle in Bike Point

Is delivery of rental bicycle possible?

What happens if i have a mechanical problem with the bike during rental?

Is booking in advance available, and what payment options are there?

About bike point

Who si Bike Point?

Bike Point is a small group of cycling and other activity oriented individuals working as a team to provide the best possible active vacation experince. Here, You can get more info about us, our locations, partners, etc.

Who are our partners?

Is Bike Point participating in any sports events?