Rent a kids bike

Rent a kids bike

Our bikes rental  are designed to lightweight with stable geometry that makes it easy for young riders to get going. Fact is, smaller riders can benefit even more from a lighter bike which makes it more fun to ride. Try out one today!

  • Rental pricing

    * Payment on site available only in Croatian Kuna(HRK)! Price in euros is refference only.


    Hourly rental:


    20kn ~ 3€



    30kn ~ 4€



    40kn ~ 5.5€



    50kn ~ 7€


    60kn ~ 8€


    Daily rental:

    1day(24h) 90kn ~ 12€
    2d  140kn ~ 19€
    3d 190kn ~ 26€
    4d 240kn ~ 32.5€
    5d 290kn ~ 39€
    6d 340kn ~ 46€
    7d 390kn ~ 53€
    (7d+)extra per day

    50kn ~ 7€


    Night rental:

    Night rent 50kn ~ 7€

    *Night rental refers to a bicycle rented one hour before shop`s closing time, until one hour after opening hours the next day.(Evening to morning rent)


  • Sizing guide

    Bike size - Rider height

    16" - 105 cm  to  125 cm

    20" - 120 cm  to  140 cm

    24" - 130 cm  to  150 cm

    *Body constitution varies from person to person. This is general sizing only, please advise with our staff for bike best suited for you if you haven't tried one before. 

  • Accessories

    Additional  accessories available at the site:

    • Simple bike fitting included for every rider.
    • Cable lock(included with the rental)
    • Helmet - 10kn/day
  • Bike description

    From dirt paths to singletrack trails, this aluminum hardtail will get you rolling with its smooth handling and confident control.

    This lightweight ALUXX aluminum frameset features classic off-road design made specifically for 27.5 wheels to strike just the right balance between control and quickness. The hardtail frame is optimized for a 100mm suspension fork, which helps soak up trail obstacles and improve control. For aspiring off-road riders looking to climb a little faster and get more comfortable riding singletrack, Talon is your ticket to XC adventures.